Honda’s trail series is tough, practical and ready for anything. The ideal bikes for exploring the countryside, the dunes and everything in-between. Are you ready for a change of scenery?



The versatile Honda CRF250F, perfectly sized for real adventure. The fuel-injected engine offers reliable power across a wide powerband. The twin-spar frame is lightweight and Honda tough. The electric starter makes getting up and running easy and the styling is right off our championship-winning CRF motocrossers. Not too big, not too small, the CRF250F is just right in every way.



The 2024 Honda CRF450RL redefines the art of motorcycle manufacturing with its exceptional dual-sport capabilities. This bike goes beyond being just a dual sport with a license plate; it's a masterpiece of versatility and innovation. Built on the robust foundation of the CRF450X, it boasts a six-speed transmission and impeccable chassis geometry, offering an uncompromising off-road experience. Prioritizing lightweight agility, it effortlessly conquers all terrains, from rugged trails to smooth pavement. Say goodbye to the hassle of trailers – the CRF450RL opens up the world for exploration. This rugged machine adapts seamlessly, making it perfect for a wide range of riding experiences. Get ready to redefine the possibilities of two-wheeled adventure with the 2024 Honda CRF450RL.


The dual purpose CRF300L has a light weight chassis and slim bodywork, combined with an engine that delivers plenty of power and torque. The qualities that make it so good off-road – slim proportions, peppy throttle response, agile steering and supple suspension – also make it brilliant around town. The CRF300L invigorates any weekday commute with an enjoyable, satisfying all-round performance, whilst being a motorcycle that was made to explore over the weekend.

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