Company Profile

Company Profile


MPE Head Office

Honda Motorcycles and Power Equipment Pty Ltd is located in Campbellfield, Victoria.

The site is 1.295 hectares comprising of .55 hectares of building. Along with our head office, our parts warehouse is also located here.

Honda Somerton Office

The Somerton office holds the Somerton HART rider training facilities, HMA and the central distribution centre.

The Somerton site is 20.15 hectares with 2.01 hectares of building and is the future site of Honda Australia MPE head office.

Contact Details

Phone: 1300 2 Honda (1300 2 46632)

1954-1956 Sydney Road
Campbellfield, Victoria.

ACN: 96 006 662 862


Our management policy is a simple one...

Establish a business foundation which is stable; resilient against all forces including exchange rate fluctuations; while expanding the motorcycle, power equipment and marine business, at the same time contributing to our customers and Australia's well being.

We aim to become an industry leader through:

  • Promoting a working environment which embraces the Honda Philosophy.
  • Establishing a product range which will be accepted by our customers and apply pressure to our competitors.
  • Building a dealer network which reflects our desires and intentions.
  • Seeking out new fields in order to expand our business.
  • Encouraging a safe riding mind set through HART activities, and fulfill our social responsibility as a motorcycle company.
  • Contribute to the community through participation in regional community activities.
  • Contributing to the Australian economy through the operation of a stable business expansion of exports and employment.

Honda Philosophy

Our Principle

Our principle is maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying of the highest quality yet a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Honda MPE will always try to provide the best products and services for our market. We will strive for market leadership and while doing so, work harmoniously together to achieve an excellent result. We acknowledge our responsibilities to the community and the environment in which we work and will always seek to improve the areas in which we work for the benefit of future generations.

Honda Philosophy

The strength of the Honda Corporation comes from the Honda Philosophy which was created by the founder of Honda Motor, Soichiro Honda. Our commitment is built on two important Honda philosophies; Respect for the Individual and The Three Joys. Respect for the Individual reflects Honda's belief in the unique capabilities of the human being. This fundamental respect defines the company's relationship with Honda associates, customers, dealers, business partners and society. Simply put, our motivation and main concern is people - to make a difference by doing what's right. Honda also believes that every person involved in the process of buying, selling or creating our products should receive a sense of joy from the experience. Together, these Three Joys result in an overall joy of affiliation - a positive feeling resulting from a relationship with Honda. It is our desire that in every community in which we do business, society will want Honda to exist.

Corporate Governance

In order for Honda MPE to continue to develop and grow, it is necessary to further enhance the trust of our company’s customers, society, stakeholders and staff members.

To this end, we must not only respect laws and regulations, but exceed them by adopting the highest possible standards of ethical corporate conduct.

Honda MPE has designed a system of corporate governance to ensure highly ethical corporate conduct not only at the management level, but also in the daily work of every staff member.

The essential components of Honda MPE corporate governance program are underscored by our Code of Conduct which emphasises the following principles:


We manage our business in full compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements.


We build and maintain the trust and respect of our customers, dealers, partners and stakeholders.


We promote a diverse, cooperative and productive work environment. We are responsible, caring members of the global community.

Risk Management

We are responsible stewards in the use, protection, and management of Honda MPE assets.


Honda Australia supports a number of community based initiatives and charities through involvement in their various fundraising efforts.

The Snowy Ride

The Snowy Ride is a motorcycle event run annually in the Alpine Region of NSW with the aim of involving motorcycle riders from all over Australia to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research.

The first Snowy Ride was launched in 2001 as a request from Steven Walter, a young man who lost his fight against cancer. Steve loved motorcycle riding and asked that a charity motorcycle ride be organised to raise funds for cancer research and cancer care, “So that one day no other kid will have to go through what I’ve been through”.

Children's Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research

The Children's Cancer Institute Australia for Medical Research (CCIA) is the only independent medical research institute in Australia dedicated to research into the causes, cure and prevention of childhood cancer.

The CCIA vision is to be a leader in preventing cancer, to find new ways of curing cancer in children through world-class research, to ensure the best possible quality of life for these children and their families, to share the vision with others and to increase awareness, participation and funding.

CCIA was founded in May 1976 by dedicated group of parents and doctors of children with cancer.

Since the construction of our first laboratory in 1984, CCIA’s research effort has grown to encompass seven major research programs. These research programs undertake basic, preclinical and clinical studies that represent a broad and well-integrated approach directed at improving the outcome of all children with cancer.

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