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Pioneer 1000

Built to work

When it comes to side-by-sides, Honda’s Pioneers are the machines you can count on for all the tough jobs! Smart technology. Superior materials. Refined engineering and something nobody else can match: Honda’s well-earned and world-famous reputation for reliability and overall quality. In terms of comfort, handling, towing and user-friendly features, you’re all set and the jobs that are too big to tackle alone? No worries, bring the whole crew, that’s why we offer our Honda Pioneer 1000 5-seater option. It’s got Honda’s QuickFlip® seating in the bed, letting you instantly switch from a fold-flat bed configuration to comfortable passenger seating. In short, our Pioneer 1000-5 models make a versatile line of side-by-sides even more versatile. The Pioneer 1000 has a 6-speed fully automatic DCT state-of-the-art beltless transmission that is durable, efficient and easy to use, coupled with a purpose-built Honda inline, twin-cylinder, Unicam® 999cc engine, from the moment you buckle in, you’ll see why it’s the clear leader in the full-size multipurpose SXS category.

Low maintenance transmission

Durable, all-gear 6-Speed fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with manual over-ride mode

Hydraulic assist tilt bed

Makes moving/dumping cargo a breeze

Reliable, hardworking power house

Powerful 999cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder Unicam® four-stroke that can tow almost a ton! (907kg)

Versatile seating options

The Pioneer 1000-5 offers Honda’s exclusive QuikFlip® seating


  • Powerful 999cc Twin-Cylinder Engine
    Powerful 999cc Twin-Cylinder Engine
  • A high-low dual-range subtransmission
    A high-low dual-range subtransmission
  • 6-speed with reverse MT-AT modes
  • Dual Clutch Transmission
  • Advanced transmission logic
    Advanced transmission logic
  • PGM-FI
  • 907kg towing capacity
    907kg towing capacity
  • Rubber mounted engine & exhaust system
    Rubber mounted engine & exhaust system


  • Quickflip seating
    Quickflip seating
  • Hydraulic assist tilt bed
    Hydraulic assist tilt bed
  • Driver and passenger protection
    Driver and passenger protection
  • Hard roof & tow hitch towball
    Hard roof & tow hitch towball
  • Cabin storage
    Cabin storage
  • LCD Display
    LCD Display


  • Self-load leveling rear suspension
    Self-load leveling rear suspension
  • Dual hydraulic disc brakes
    Dual hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bigger tyres
    Bigger tyres
  • True engine braking
  • Electric power steering
    Electric power steering
  • Independent front & rear suspension
    Independent front & rear suspension
  • Paddle Shifting
    Paddle Shifting
  • Four drive modes
    Four drive modes

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  • Pioneer 1000-3

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    Patriot Red

    Pioneer 1000-3

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    • Powerful 999cc twin-cylinder engine
    • Automatic dual clutch transmission (DCT)
    • 4 drive modes: 2WD, 4WD, 4WD Lock and Turf
    • High/Low subtransmission
    • Electric power steering
  • Pioneer 1000-5

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    Patriot Red

    Pioneer 1000-5

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    • Powerful 999cc twin-cylinder engine
    • Automatic dual clutch transmission (DCT)
    • 4 drive modes: 2WD, 4WD, 4WD Lock and Turf
    • Self levelling rear suspension
    • QuickFlip rear seats


We throw in the 3-year extended warranty just for some added peace of mind for your workhorse. When you purchase a Honda, as the world’s largest engine manufacturer you can rest assured you are purchasing a machine of the highest quality and durability.



Honda is committed to the safety of consumers and will continue to advocate for the known safety measures which include: wearing a helmet, promoting and conducting rider training and age appropriate use of any 2-wheel and 4-wheel product.

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