Honda's most compact SXS

Pioneer 500

Honda's most compact SXS

Small but mighty, you can count on the Honda Pioneer 500 to get the job done. At 127cm wide, it comfortably seats two and its narrow enough for riding between rows of fruit trees, vines or tighter trails. Loaded with all the features you need from a 4-wheeled workhorse, like automatic transmission with AT/MT modes and a powerful engine that delivers plenty of low-RPM torque. Whether you’re on the job or hitting the trails, get the most out of every ride with the Pioneer 500.

Nice and compact

Go anywhere an ATV can go

Automatic or manual shift

To suit a wide variety of needs

Powerful fuel injected engine

It’ll get you there and get you home

Selectable 2WD/4WD

Traction when you need it


  • Compact 127cm width
    Compact 127cm width
  • Flat rear carrier
    Flat rear carrier
  • Headlights
  • Hard roof & tow hitch plus tow ball
    Hard roof & tow hitch plus tow ball
  • Side-by-side seating
    Side-by-side seating
  • Driver and passenger protection
    Driver and passenger protection
  • Digital display
    Digital display
  • Single-function door net
    Single-function door net


  • Powerful 500-class engine
    Powerful 500-class engine
  • Programmed fuel injection
    Programmed fuel injection
  • Rubber mounted engine & exhaust system
    Rubber mounted engine & exhaust system
  • Longitudinal engine mounting
    Longitudinal engine mounting
  • Semi-dry-sump engine
    Semi-dry-sump engine


  • Strong gearbox
    Strong gearbox
  • Dual rate springs
    Dual rate springs
  • Smooth riding
    Smooth riding
  • Paddle shifters
    Paddle shifters
  • Independent front and rear suspension
    Independent front and rear suspension
  • TraxLok® selectable 2WD-4WD
    TraxLok® selectable 2WD-4WD

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    • Automatic electronic shift transmission
    • Compact size, ideal for tight terrain
    • TaxLok 2WD/4WD system
    • Direct drive with longitudinal engine mounting
    • Adjustable front and rear suspensions


We throw in the 3-year extended warranty just for some added peace of mind for your workhorse. When you purchase a Honda, as the world’s largest engine manufacturer you can rest assured you are purchasing a machine of the highest quality and durability.



Honda is committed to the safety of consumers and will continue to advocate for the known safety measures which include: wearing a helmet, promoting and conducting rider training and age appropriate use of any 2-wheel and 4-wheel product.

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