AirBag Recall

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The global Takata airbag inflator recalls have affected tens of millions of vehicles globally across many manufacturers including Honda, Mazda and Toyota. Over 1.3M motor vehicles in Australia are affected. Honda Goldwing motorcycles have also been affected in the Takata air bag recall. Honda Goldwing motorcycle’s MY 2008 to MY 2015 currently have a recall campaign to replace affected units. It is crucial that you contact you nearest Honda motorcycle dealer and have recall campaign completed as soon as possible.

If deployed during an accident, recalled airbag inflators may rupture due to excessive internal pressure. If this happens, metal fragments could possibly shoot out, straight through the airbag cushion material towards the vehicle occupants causing serious injury or fatality.

To check if your Honda Motorcycle is affected, click on Check My Honda above and follow the prompts. If your motorcycle is affected, please call the Honda Recall Contact Centre immediately to have your vehicle booked in for repair.

Honda Recall Contact Centre: 1300 559 846 (From mobile please call (03) 9270 1348) between 8.00AM to 9.00PM Monday to Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM (EST)

Alternatively, contact your nearest Honda Dealer, quoting your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Both can advise whether a part is available and when your vehicle may be repaired.

Below is a link that lists affected Honda models and the reason for the recall. A full list of all vehicles affected in Australia is available here.

We are committed to providing you the highest level of service, your safety is our number one priority, so we thank you for your cooperation and support and for any inconvenience this product campaign may have caused you.


Please note, not every vehicle within the models listed below is subject to a recall. Affected vehicles are determined by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your local Honda Dealer can confirm if your vehicle is recalled affected.

What 's The Main Issue with Recall?
Recalled airbag inflators may rupture due to excessive internal pressure during deployment.

If A Recalled Airbag Inflator Ruptures During Deployment, What Are the Hazards?
In the event of an airbag inflator rupture, metal fragments could possibly shoot out, straight through the airbag cushion material towards the vehicle occupants causing serious injury or fatality.

Honda Recall Code(s):

  • 3HX
  • 3J8
  • 3JV

Models Affected:

  • 2008-2010
  • 2012-2012
  • 2013-2015

Affected Inflator:

Goldwing GL1800 Airbag Inflator

What should I do next?:

As the owner of an affected vehicle you should have received a letter from Honda Australia asking you to contact a Honda dealership or the Honda Recall Call Centre to arrange replacement of the airbag inflator, free of charge.

You should immediately Contact a Honda dealer for urgent repair. If for any reason you cannot present your vehicle to a dealership, please contact the Recall Call Centre immediately for alternate arrangements.

Owners of Honda vehicles can check if their vehicle is affected by the Takata airbag recall by calling the Honda Recall Contact Centre on 1300 559 846 (Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat- Sun 8.30am-5pm EST)

Also contact customer relations on 03 9270 1348 or Email

Alternate Contact Options;

Translation service support is available in 160 different languages by calling 1800 785 216.

यदि इस पत्र के साथ आपको भाषाई सहायता की ज़रूरत है तो कृपया Honda Australia की दुभाषिया सेवा को 1800 785 216 पर फोन करें।

اگر راجع به این مکتوب به مساعدت لسانی ضرورت دارید، خواهش می شود به Honda Australia Interpreter Line (خط ترجمان هوندا در استرالیا)، شماره 1800 785 216 تیلفون کنید.

Jika Anda butuh bantuan bahasa terkait surat ini, harap hubungi Jaringan Juru Bahasa Australia Honda di 1800 785 216

Si necesita ayuda con el idioma para leer esta carta, llame al servicio de Interpretación de Honda Australia al número 1800 785 216

If you require additional assistance, you can contact:

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